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  • Mon-Sat: Lunch 11:30-14:00 Dinner 17:00-24:00(We take last orders at 23:00)
  • Address:6-1-5 Onoedohri Chuo District Kobe City, Hyogo Pre.,Japan
  • Holiday: Sunday and national holidays (Open on Sunday and close on Monday when a national holiday is on Monday.)
  • A la carte food menu

    Otooshi (small appetizer) and cover charge:300 yen per person

    Price listed below is sales tax excluded.

    ◎●◎◎Especially recommended!!◎◎●◎

    Grilled KOBE marbled beef and vegetables

    1,000 yen

    Boiled TOFU YURINONE style / Pig's trotters full of collagen grilled with garlic/ Grilled fluffy yam

    600 yen

    Grilled beef jaw gristle

    735 yen

    ◎●◎◎Fresh fish and chicken◎◎●◎Assorted 3 kinds of sashimi

    See our today’s menu for today’s special fish.


    Liver sashimi / Gizzard sashimi


    Chicken tender sashimi / Yukgae chicken tender sashimi


    Special price! Assorted chicken sashimi


    ◎●◎◎Skewers◎◎●◎Please order skewers at two or more to each menu.

    Listed price is for per skewer.

    Assorted skewers of chef’s selection(CHICKEN)(5-10 kinds)


    Chef’s selection of 5 kinds of assorted offal skewers(BEEF)


    Chef’s selection of 10 kinds of assorted offal skewers(BEEF)


    Skewers a la carte

    Skin, Gristle, Gizzard, Heart, Heart and Garlic,

    grilled chicken with leek, Thigh,Chicken liver, Chicken Meatball, Chicken tender and cheese, Chicken tender with pickled-ume and perilla-leaf,

    Chicken tail, Neck, Chicken wing, KOTECCHAN(Cow’s internal organ), Marbled rumen(Cow’s 1st stomach),

    Beef tendon, HACHINOSU(Cow’s 2nd stomach), Skirt(diaphragm), Beef ribs,

    AKASEN(Cow’s 4th stomach), Pork back ribs, Pork-wrapped leek, Pork-wrapped tomato, Pork curry and Sausage.

    110-200 yen

    Vegetable Skewers

    Green pepper, Shiitake(Dried mushroom), Leek, Onion

    100 yen

    ◎●◎◎Charcoal-grilled Fish and Meat◎◎●◎See the blackboard menu for today’s special grilled fish.

    Chicken thigh dressed in the morning grilled with salt / Chicken thigh dressed in the morning grilled with YUZU pepper

    700 yen

    Grilled chicken thigh dressed in the morning with PONZU citrus sauce / Grilled chicken thigh dressed in the morning with garlic butter sauce

    750 yen

    Grilled KOBE marbled-beef with garlic butter sauce

    900 yen

    Grilled cut open and dried horse mackerel from NUMAZU

    550 yen

    Salt-grilled mackerel / Dried cuttlefish dried overnight

    500 yen

    ◎●◎◎Hot food, Cold food, Stir-fried food and Nibblies◎◎●◎

    Japanese omelet (Plain or Leek in)

    450 yen

    Stir-fried pork and kimchi

    550 yen

    Chilled Tofu/Chilled sliced tomatoes/Assorted Japanese pickles/ Jangja(salted Pacific cod entrails in spicy sauce )/

    Avocado sashimi/Avocado with sesame oil

    400 yen

    Boiled green soybeans / Cucumber (Moromi_ unrefined sake or soy sauce or Ume・Mayonnaise)

    350 yen

    Camembert cheese and crackers / Dried sword cuttlefish

    600 yen

    Yam with butter soy sauce


    Skate Wing


    ◎●◎◎Salad and Deep-fried foods◎◎●◎

    Radish salad/Caesar's salad with croutons and boiled egg / Tofu and tomato salad

    600 yen

    Italian salad with cured ham(Prosciutto) and avocado. / Bang bang chicken salad with deep-fried eggplant and chicken tender

    700 yen

    Seafood salad


    Fried chicken thigh / Fried chicken with Ponzu citrus sauce


    Homemade croquette

    450 yen

    Cured ham (Prosciutto) salad

    650 yen

    ◎●◎◎Rice menu◎◎●◎

    Kamameshi(rice, meat, and vegetables boiled together in a small pot) (Chicken or AKASHI octopus)

    900 yen

    Seafood bibimbap(Korean rice mixed with seasoned vegetables )

    650 yen

    2 kinds of ONIGIRI_Rice ball / Rice set(rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles)/

    Grilled rice ball (Salmon and UME: Japanese plum)

    300 yen

    Korean rice ball (Korean seaweed with Kimchi on) / Ochazuke (A bowl of rice with green tea poured on it) (Salmon or Japanese plum) / Soup (Egg or Wakame seaweed)

    400 yen

    Bowl of rice topped with chicken

    700 yen

    Yakisoba (Japanese Style Stir-fried Noodles) (salt flavor or yakisoba sauce flavor) / Sobameshi (soba and rice cooked together along with meat, vegetables, etc. on a metal plate)

    550 yen

    Bowl of rice topped with seafood and grated yam / Nyumen (soup of Sohmen(thin wheat noodles) noodles and various ingredients in a soy sauce broth)

    600 yen

    A combination platter with today’s cake and ice cream.

    500 yen

    Peach Jelly/ Mango Jelly

    350 yen

    We also offer daily special desserts and recommended menu.

    See our menu for details!